Matale Pallegane Pothgul Viharaya (මාතලේ පල්ලෙගනේ පොත්ගුල් විහාරය)

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Mathale Palapathwela Pallegane Pothgul Viharaya is located close to Ellepola Junction about 10 kilometers from Matale town along the Matale Galewela road. Murals in the image house belong to the Kandyan era art.

The ancient library of the temple contains a large number of texts written in Ola Leaf and in printed from, the vihara is designated as a pothgul vihara. The temple consist of a dagaba, chapter house and other appurtenant buildings.

Local tradition records that the Bodhi Tree found at the site has been brought by Brahmins in the ancient past. There are several families in the village bearing surnames supporting their Brahmin origin.

Lawrie records a offering by a Ehelepola Indajoti Mudiyanse to Pallegane Viharaya his land for the purpose of making offerings in the name of
Buddha in 1815.

The ancient Image house and dwelling house belonging to the Palapathwala Pallegane Pothugal Vihara premises situated in the Dombawela Grama Niladhari Division in the Matale Divisional Secretary’s Division, Matale District Central Province was declared as an protected site by the Archeological Department on 22nd October 2010.


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Map of Matale Pallegane Pothgul Viharaya

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Travel Directions to Matale Pallegane Pothgul Viharaya

Route from Matale to Pallegane Pothgul Viharaya
Via : Palapathwela
Distance : 9.5 km
Travel time : 20 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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