Bandarawela Porogala View Point – බණ්ඩාරවෙල පොරෝගල නැරඹුම් ස්ථානය

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Mahaulpotha is a charming little town 3.5 km off Bandarawela. Porogala is an amazing viewpoint in Mahaulpotha little known to the general public. So named due the rock resembling a axe head, you coud have a clear view of Bandarawela, Kinigama, Diyathalawa, Heel oya, railway line and peaks of Nuwara Eliya.

To reach Porogala Viewpoint from Bandarawela town, take the road to Kinigama. From Kinigama junction, take to road towards Mahaulpatha Sri Nigrodharama Maha Viharaya. Total distance to the temple from Bandarawela town is 2.8km. There is a narrow concrete road along the temple wall. This is a 500 meter road which which ends at the Porogala Rock.

Once you reach Porogala Rock and look far above to the left you can see the Hortain Plains plateau and Kirigalpoththa mountain which is the  2nd tallest mountain in Sri Lanka at 2,388 m above mean sea level, and is also the highest mountain in the country whose summit is accessible to the general public. Next is the Hakgala mountain range which lies 2,169 m above mean sea level. A  little right to the Hakkala mountain range is Piduruthalagala. At 2,524 meters this is the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka.

If you look down the steep precipice below Porogala, you will see the Badulla – Bandarawela rail road coming out of Tunnel number 39 and runing upto Heeloya Railway Station. If you are lucky you might get a eagle eye view of one of the trains traveling along this track.

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Driving Directions to Bandarawela Porogala View Point

Route from Bandarawela to Porogala View Point

Though : Kinigama road – Mahaulpatha
Distance : 3.5 km
Travel time : 15 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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