Queensberry Estate Waterfalls – ක්වීන්බෙරි වතුයාය දියඇලි

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Height :??
District :Nuwara Eliya

The waterfall at the Queensburry Estate is one of the many long waterfalls on the  Dimbula – Nawalapitiya Road which doesn’t have established names.

The waterfall lies on the Kadiyanlena Oya near the Queensberry Estate Tea Factory. This fall consists of about 7 cascading segments each gracefully flowing at a angle not so steep over rocks. With all the segments combined this would be over 50 meters high but the waterfall is equally long.


This waterfall can be viewed from the main road itself after traveling 12km on the Dimbula – Nawalapitiya Road.

Around 10.5 kms on this road you will come across the hairpin bend. From here will also see a two more waterfalls probably over 100m high  on the Queensberry estate. These two waterfalls too does not carry a name tag. Each originates from separate streams above Kadiyanlena Ella.

The first waterfall slides down at a gentle tangent creating number of mini cascades for for over 100 meters and falls in to the Kadiyanlena Oya.

The second waterfall lies just 350 meters downstream flowing parallel to waterfall number 1 but originating on a different stream. This waterfall too flows at a gentle angle and seems to have more water than the 1st waterfall. It creates a waterfall segment of over 200 meters with large number of mini cascades.

This waterfall is not listed in the LCWF database.

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Map of Queensberry Estate Waterfall

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Travel Queensberry Estate Waterfall

Route from Dimbula Juction to Queensberry Estate Waterfall
Through : Nawalapitiya Road
Distance : 12 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

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