Rantati Deke Diya Bubula at Balagolla – බලගොල්ල රන්තැටි දෙකේ දිය බුබුල

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The origin of Rantati Deke Diya Bubula - Balagolla
The origin of Rantati Deke Diya Bubula – Balagolla
Image courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

Rantati Deke Diya Bubula is an natural spring hidden deep inside Meegahakivula among the tranquil paddy fields  supporting the village for various water needs.

. Traveling 3.8 kilometers towards Kandeketiya from  Meegahakivula junction will bring you to the road to Pallewela. Take this road for 1 km and it will take to the area called Viharalanda.

There are few houses with a small paddy field and a water tank at one point. 20m away you would come across this interesting fresh water spring. There is much folklore related to this spring. One of those is a “farmer seen two golden plates knocking together and floating on top of the spring” which gave its name ‘the spring of 2 golden plates’

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Travel Directions to Rantati Deke Diya Bubula

Route from Badulla to Rantati Deke Diya Bubula

Through : Mahiyangana Road
Distance : 28 km
Travel time : 45 minues
Driving directions : see on google map

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