Ridiyagama Safari Park in Hambantota (හම්බන්තොට රිදියගම සෆාරි උද්‍යානය)

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Ridiyagama Safari Park in Hambantota - හම්බන්තොට රිදියගම සෆාරි උද්‍යානය
Ridiyagama Safari Park in Hambantota – හම්බන්තොට රිදියගම සෆාරි උද්‍යානය

Ridiyagama Safari Park is 500 acre safari park, zoo in Ridiyagama area of Hambantota District, Sri Lanka. The park was opened to the public on 28 May 2016. Although the park reservation is 500 acres in size, only about 200 acres are currently been developed and is been gradually enlarged. The plan has envisaged nine zones for separate wildlife and at present four zones are operational.

The park was developed to give the freedom of movement to animals as much as possible and the visitors to be caged. The 80 acre mammal zone comprise of a large verity of grazers and some flightless birds from Americas, Africa and Asian countries. These include rare to see mammals such as Cape Buffalos, Zebras, camels, antelopes guanacos and Ostriches.

The elephant zone is 54 acres in size. There are number of small elephant groups as well as an African Elephant with a pair of majestic tusks roaming the ground. This African elephant has been moved to this park from the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens.

There are six Balali Tigers in the the 5 acre Bengal Tiger Zone. All are quite used to humans and walk up to vehicles without fear. Next is the Lion Zone. There are 14 lions in this zone. Seven lions were initially brought from various countries at the initiation of the park. The balance 7 have been born in park itself and another male lion born at the site has been donated to the Ambepussa Sinha Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army as their mascot.

One major disadvantage at this site is that personal vehicles are not allowed to enter the safari grounds. Therefore a visitor has only 2 options, use some of the few busses with meshed windows or hire one of the few jeeps available. Unfortunately busloads of visitors come here on weekends and on holidays thus you may spent a good half a day under the dry sun awaiting for your bus ride or waiting for a jeep to be vacant.

Site information

Open Daysall 365 days
Opening Hours8.00 AM –5.00 PM

Fees (2021 Update)

Local – Children 12
Local Adults350
Foreign (SAARC Countries) Children400
Foreign (SAARC Countries) Adults 800
Foreign Children1500
Foreign Adults3000

With the highway developed up to Hambantota, this is one of the latest attractions of Hambantota has been a popular destination for those who travel to Kataragama.

To reach this site from the highway, you need to exit from the Sooriyawewa Exit. From Sooriyawewa, you need to take the gravel road for 6 kms along the Madunagala Sanctuary to reach the Safari Park. Alternatively you can exit from the Barawakumbura Exit (one before the Sooriyawewa Exit) and travel through Padalangala Road which is a much better road. Total distance from the exit to the site on this route is 15 km.

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Map of  Ridiyagama Safari Park

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Travel Directions to Ridiyagama Safari Park

Route from Colombo to Ridiyagama Safari Park
Though : Mattala Highway – Sooriyawewa
Distance : 220 km
Travel time : 3.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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