Kevuliya / Round Island Lighthouse (කෙවුලිය ප්‍රදීපාගාරය)

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This Kevuliya lighthouse ( Round Island Lighthouse)  lies on top of a small rocky island in the bay of Trincomalee. The island lies south of Eagle Point and southwest of Elephant Island and Chapel Point. It is a rocky island with no beach covering 550 square meters (3.1 acres).

The lighthouse on the island was built and put on operations in 1st February 1864. The light is fixed and can be seen for 10 mile (16 km) distance (The Nautical Magazine and Naval Chronicle for 1864, n.d.). The lighthouse three flashes every 15 s, white or red depending on direction which its seen from.

The lighthouse is a white round tower 21 meters (69 feet) high which lies in the summit of the island (Sailing Directions (Enroute) for India anf the Bay of Bengal, 1989).

This was one of the the tree navigational aid for ships coming in to the Trincomalee Harbour during the British Rule. The lighthouse is not operational now. Access is only by boat.


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Travel Directions to Round Island Lighthouse

Route from Colombo to Round Island Lighthouse
Through : Kurunegala, Dambulla
Distance : 275 km
Travel time : 6 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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