Megoda Kalugamuwa Ambalama – මෙගොඩ කලුගමුව අම්බලම

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Megoda Kalugamuwa Ambalama  is an ancient wayside rest on the route to to Gampola through Hindagala, about 13 km from Kandy city. The ambalama sits in the middle of a picturesque paddy field on the banks of Mahaweli River in the Kalugamuwa area.

To reach this Ambalama, take the Galaha Road from Peradeniya and take the right fork  towards Gampola at Hindagala. The left falk goes towards Galaha. Travel 4.1 km on this road where you would find a narrow road to the right  (Kalugamuwa road) which will lead to Gelioya town across the Mahaweli River.  This is a small four way junction.


Traveling about 250 meters on this road will bring you to the bridge over Mahaweli River. From here you need to walk 650 meters over paddy fields to reach this ambalama.

No other information is available on this ambalama.

Map of Megoda Kalugamuwa Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Megoda Kalugamuwa Ambalama

Route from Kandy to Megoda Kalugamuwa Ambalama
distance : 13 km
Travel time : 30 mins + 10 mins walking
Time to Spent : 15-30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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