Akuressa Thalahagama Diya Bubula (තලහගම දිය බුබුල)

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Thalahagama is a village belonging to Matara District in the Southern Province. Thalahagama is popular for its natural water spring eternally flowing from a well.

If you are coming from Matara to visit Thalahagama Bubula, you will come through Thihagoda, Kamburupitiya and Ransagoda. From Ransagoda, you need to turn towands Thalahagama. If traveling from Galle, you should come to Akuressa and travel on the Makandura road to reach Thalahagama. The site is located 1 km down the Ransagoda road traveling from Thalahagama.

The Diya Bubula at Thalahagama (water spring) lies at the edge of a lush paddy field close to the road. Its not visible to the main road and insignificant foot path leads to the bubula and the paddy field.

There has been large overflowing spring in Thalahagama since ancient times. Due superstitions among the villages believing that the fountain sacrificed human lives, large logs were placed and trampled by elephants and sealed it. However once this spring was sealed, smaller springs have appeared in several places around it.

A few years ago, this water bubble was developed using concrete cylinders by the Talahagama village farmer’s organization. Even during severe droughts this water source has been a great comfort to the people of Talahagama and its surrounding villages such as Ukgas Hena, Kambi Adiya, Wilpita etc.

Although it is about 25 km away from the sea, some believe that this water spring is connected to the sea due to its slightly salty taste due to the mineral content. However this is popular bathing place for the travellers who visit this site.

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Map of Akuressa Thalahagama Diya Bubula

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Travel Directions to Akuressa Thalahagama Diya Bubula

Route from Galle to Akuressa Thalahagama Diya Bubula
Through : Southern Highway – Akuressa – Makandura – Mulatiyana
Distance : 50 km
Travel time : 1 hour 15 mins
Time to spend : 15 -30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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