Tissamaharama Bisowela Archaeology Site – තිස්සමහාරාම බිසෝවෙල පුරාවිද්‍යා නටබුන්

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A site was observed at a place situated on the northwest of the upper bank of the Tissa Wewa in the area known as Saddhathissapura. Several stone pillars still remain at the site. The distribution pattern of these stone pillars is almost rectangular. A high degree of scattering of the surface artefacts can also be observed at the site. Most are ancient potsherds and several bricks were also noticed. These features confirm that there was an ancient building at the site.

The described structural remains are located on a slope extending towards the northern edge of the Tissaväva. Slightly below the remains of the ancient building, there is a depression now filled with water. The edges of this depression cannot be seen because of the encroachment of vegetation. However, it seems that it is man made feature according to its abrupt occurrence as a depression and also the clear demarcation of its edges. Its geometrical shape also confirms it was a man made structure, most probably a pond or a pool for water storage. The relationship between this structure and the other ruined building structure situated in the upper ground is still unclear.

The entire site with these structures is now being cultivated by the local farmers. Given the archaeological features and artefacts visible, it can be argued that there was an important centre, but its purpose is obscure.


  • Somadeva, R., 2006. URBAN ORIGINS IN SOUTHERN SRI LANKA. Doctoral Thesis in Archaeology. Uppsala University.

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Map of Tissamaharama Veheragodella Archaeology Site

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Travel Directions to Tissamaharama Veheragodella Archaeology Site

Route from Hambantota to  Tissamaharama Veheragodella Archaeology Site
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Distance : 1 km
Travel time : 5 mins
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