Tissamaharama Veheragodella Archaeology Site – තිස්සමහාරාම වෙහෙරගොඩැල්ල පුරාවිද්‍යා නටබුන්

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The name Veheragodella is a very common name found all over Sri Lanka as this literally means stupa mound. Therefore villagers calls areas with mounds of earth which are believed to be overgrown dilapidated ancient stupas as Veheragodella. The Veheragodella in Tissamaharama close to the Tissa Wewa reservoir is such mound which has earned its name due to the mound of earth in the vicinity. The site lies in the middle of a picturesque paddy land just south of the Tissa wewa.

Professor Raj Somadeva has conducted some research at this site states that this site consist of a ruined brick construction but the actual architectural form cannot be determined due to the destruction caused by the treasure hunters in recent times. Intensive scattering of brickbats can be seen all over the site. The ancient brickbats are centered in an elevated part of the site. This place is almost like a mound and is probably the location of the ancient construction at the site. It can be assumed that there was a construction like a small votive stupa there.

Excavations are now been carried out at this site with the intention of conserving the remains of the stupa. .


  • Somadeva, R., 2006. URBAN ORIGINS IN SOUTHERN SRI LANKA. Doctoral Thesis in Archaeology. Uppsala University.

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