Tomb of King Sitawaka Rajasinhe – සීතාවක පලමුවන රාජසිංහ සොහොන

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King Rajasinghe of Sitawaka kingdom was one of the main characters of the history of Sri Lanka. He was born as Tikiri Bandara to the king Mayadunne of Sitawaka. He only 12 years old when he led the fist battle against his brother in law Veediye Bandara’ when his fort at Pelenda was attacked chasing him down to Deundara. Veediye Bandara re grouped with the troops of the Kandyan leader and reached Salpiti Korale to attack Sitawaka troops. He was defeated by Tikiri Bandara again. He fled to Kandyan Kingdom and returned to Alut Nuwara with troops of the kandyan king. After a fierce battle at Alutnuwara, Veediye Bandara was decisively defeated by Tikiri Bandara. This battle earned him the name Rajasinhe, the Lion King.

He also led the bloody battle of Mulleriyawa against the Portuguese army who were equipped with more advance fire power. Sinhalese army simply equipped with swords and their ancient fighting method called Angam Pora, defeated the entire Portuguese army. Accounts indicate the vast paddy field in Mulleriyawa turned red with the blood of the dead Portuguese soldiers. This was the greatest defeat an European army ever had in an Asian land. It still remains that way. According to Queros, though he solicited support of Malabar coast or Kerala troops, non-availability of a naval fleet affected his endeavors to cleanse the country from invaders despite his remarkable siege at Colombo Fort.

King Rajasinghe I appointed a South Indian, named Aritta Kivendu as his chief adviser and acted on his advice. He was awarded the title Mannamperuma Mohottala and converted himself to Hinduism. He was reported to have settled Brahmans at significant Buddhist sites such as sigiriya, sri pada etc.

Under the advice of Mannamperuma Mohottala, he razed many Buddhist religious sites to the ground. The discontent caused among Buddhist public and prelates was a major reason for the downfall of the kingdom. Mandaram pura puwatha reported that in one place 121 monks were killed by Rajasinha who was suspected of  rebelling against him. Support of the maha sangha that was a pillar of strength for Mayadunne and Tikiri Bandara to mobilize the public support for the sitawaka kingdom rapidly eroded.

His last battle was with Konappu Bandara who was attempting the free the Kandyan Kingdom from Sitawaka Kingdom. At a decisive battle at Balana, Rajasinghe’s troops led by the king himself lost to the army of Konappu Bandara (who later ascended Kandyan throne as the Vimala Dharmasuriya 1) and withdrew to retreated to the royal park at Pethangoda. It is said that at this park he was stuck by a fatal banboo splinter in the foot.This story however is subject to debate. And some say it was the bite of a cobra that inhabited the bamboo grove that killed the king.

It is said that that the body of the king was brought back to Sitawaka Kingdom over the river and and burried at this location

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Map of The Tomb of Sitawaka Rajasinghe I

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Travel Directions to The Tomb of Sitawaka Rajasinghe I

Route from Colombo to Tomb of Rajasinghe 1 of Seetawake Route from Kuruwita to Tomb of Rajasinghe 1 of Seetawake
Through : Kaduwela – Avissawella
Distance : 55 km
Travel time : 1.5 hours
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Through : Talduwa – Meewitigammana Road
Distance : 4 km
Travel time : 10 minutes
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