Wakirigala Ambalama and the ancient Gal Palama – පැරණි වාකිරිගල අම්බලම සහ ගල් පාලම

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Wakirigala is a small town in Kegalle better known for Wakirigala Rajamaha Viharaya, an temple complex of the ancient times.  Wakirigala Ambalama is a fairly large ambalama built with 10 granite pillars on the outer square and 4 granite pillars of 20 feet on the inner square.  It has a capacity to carry about 200 standing people. The roof is designed in 2 layers as a double pitched hip roof, a popular ambalama style in the Kandyan Era. The lower roof is supported by the outer pillars and the top roof is supported by the richly carved 4 inner granite pillars.  Two pillars have the carvings of Sun and the Moon on them. The floor of the ambalama is paved with dressed stones.

It is believed that this ambalama has been built using remnants from other ancient buildings, specially the ruins of ancient Wakirigala Rajamaha Viharaya. The ambalama has 2 entrances, one on the north and one on the east. The Northern Entrance of the ambalama is made out of a large granite door frame which is believed to be part of the ancient Wakirigala temple. It is said that the Portuguese destroyed all the buddhist temples in the area during their occupation in 16th century. The ambalama might have been built utilizing any remains of the surrounding temples.

A small water stream flows behind this ambalama and you can see a ancient rock slab still being used to cross the steam near the eastern entrance of the ambalama.  This watersteam would have served the travellers for their water requirements.

The amablama is located between Hettimulla and Deewala in Kegalle District.  From the Kegalle Town take the A21 road which connect Kegalle to Karawanella.  Traveling 5.6 km on this road will bring you to Hettimulla. Take the road towards  Ussapitiya through Deewala from Hettimulla. The Wakirigala Ambalama lies between Deewala and Ussapitiya close to the Wakirigala Rajamaha Viharaya.

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Map of Wakirigala Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Wakirigala Ambalama

Route from Kegalle to Wakirigala Ambalama
distance : 22 km
Travel time :  45 mins
Time to Spent : 15  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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