Weragama Purana Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya and Gonamariyawa Ulpatha – වේරගම පුරාණ ටැම්පිට රජමහා විහාරය / ගෝනමැරියාව උල්පත

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Weragama Purana Tampita Viharaya (also know as Diya Bubule Pansala and Gonamariyawa Rajamaha Viharaya Viharaya) lies between Medawachchiya and Kebithigollawa in Anuradhapura District. According to legend, this temple has been built during the time of Mihindu Maha Rahath Thero.

During the ancient times, this temple has been called Medagama Weragama Viharaya and has been renovated by 4 kings during various times. The last time being during the reign of king Kirthi Sri Rajashinhe (1747 – 1781) who has handed over this temple to buddhist priests through a copper plate inscription which still exists in the temple.

In addition to the Tampita Viharaya built during the reign of king Kirthi Sri Rajashinhe, two statues of kings has been discovered in the temple. Number of Buddha statues and statues of deities carved in timber can be seen inside this ancient Tampita Viharaya.

Gonamariyawa Ulpatha / Gonamariyawa Spring (ගෝනමැරියාව උල්පත)

According to forklore,  the Rajarata has been rich with 672 natural water springs in the ancient times where most of the reservoirs built by the kings have been constructed to make use of these springs. Kunchuttu Mountain range  in Kebithigollawa area is said to be the origination of number of fresh water springs in the area.

In addition to the cluster of springs in Kunchuttu, Sinhaya Ulpatha, Gonamariyawa Ulpatha, Weramediyawa Ulpatha, Kalawedi Ulpotha, Garilla Ulpotha, Dunucare Ulpatha, Kurulu Ulpatha, Welimuwa Pothana Ulpatha, Nuwarahinna Ulpatha , Halmillawetiya are some of the springs in  Kebithigollawa area which is fed by underground water streams originating from this mountain range.

Of the above list Gonamariyawa Ulpatha lies in the land of the above Gonamariyawa Rajamaha Viharaya. Although this spring has been even used  to supply water to the surrounding paddy fields in the past, due to increasing human activity of the region this spring is in danger of drying up today.

Recently this spring has been renovated and small well has been created for the use of the villagers who use this water extensively due the rampant kidney diseases caused by other water sources.

To reach the temple take the Kebithigollewa road from Medawachchiya for 25 kilometers until you reach the village of Gonamariyawa. The temple lies left of the road just as you pass the access road to Gonamariyawa reservoir.

Alternate names : Veragama Purana Rajamaha Viharaya, Weragama Viharaya, Weragama Tampita Viharaya, Diya Bubule Pansala, Diya Bubula Pansala, Diyabubule Pansala, Diyabubula Pansala, Gonamariyawa Viharaya, Gonamariyawa Pansala.

Photos by Chamara Perera

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Traveling directions to Weragama Purana Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya (Diya Bubule Pansala)

Travel directions from Anuradhapura to Weragama Purana Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya (Diya Bubule Pansala)
Distance : 52 km
Travel time : 1.15 hour
Time to spend : 30 mins
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