Yamuna Eri Ancient Pond at Nallur in Jaffna – යාපනය නල්ලුර් යමුණා ඒරි පුරාණ පොකුණ

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Yamuna Eri  is a “U”  shaped pond lying in the vicinity of the Poothathamby Arch (Sangili Toppu) and the Ruins of the Sangiliyan Mansion in Nallur. Although now isolated they would have been part of the same building complex at one time.

Yalpana Vaipava Malai, a book composed in 1736 by a Tamil resident of Jaffna on the instructions of Class Isaakz, the Dutch Dissava of the district, this pond has been built during the regional ruler Cinkai Ariyan Cekaracacekaran I (1215–1240).  The text describes this pond and how Cekaracacekaran had mixed the water of this tank with the water brought from the sacred Yamuna River in India.


Another text contradicts this and  suggests that the pond was built about 250 years later by another regional ruler named Singai Ararasasegaram (1478–1519).

The pond is built with limestone blocks and bricks in the shape of the Tamil letter, “ப”. Stone steps has been laid to walk to the bottom of the pond to make access to water convenient.

It is said the center of the “ப” has had a flower garden in the past.  Many legends are woven around this pond. It is sad that a tunnel has existed connecting this pond and the Manthiri Manai few hundred meters away and the rulers and their families has bathed in this pond.

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Map of Yamuna Eri Ancient Pond at Nallur

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Traveling directions to Yamuna Eri Ancient Pond at Nallur

Travel directions from Jaffna town to Yamuna Eri Ancient Pond at Nallur

Distance : 29  km
Travel time : 45  mins
Time to spend : 15-30 mins
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