Nelugolla Ella Falls – නෙළුගොල්ල ඇල්ල

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Nelugolla Ella Falls
Nelugolla Ella Falls
Height :10 meters
District :Galle

The 10m high Nelugolla Ella Fall names in honor of an engineering student Anura Nelugolla who in 1981 conducted a research on waterfalls. At the base of fall there is a 1m deep pool. There are numerous other pools of about 2m in depth scattered around. Visitor bath in the pool. The woodlot consists of both herbal plants and also Manna grass.

The animal species consists of wild boar monkey and leopard. In addition, reptiles as snakes, python and viper are also found in this area. The fall is located in Lankagama Village, Hiniduma Electorate, Galle District.

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