Kalutara Thotas Ella Falls – කළුතර වලල්ලාවිට තොටස් ඇල්ල

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Height :11 meters
District :Kalutara

The Thotas Ella Waterfall in Kalutara lies in the eastern border of the Paniyawela Mukalana in the Yagirala Forest in Walallawita DS division. The fall is fed by a stream flowing through the virgin forest of Yagirala with crystal clear water creating a number of pools.

The waterfall lies close to the  Deyyiagala Hermitage which has been blamed for blocking the stream above the waterfall for a micro hydro project to provide electricity to the hermitage. Part of a rock which the water fell over also has been dynamited in order to build the concrete dam.  This has drastically reduced the flow of water to the waterfall.

Even with the reduced water, Thotas Ella is one of the more popular waterfalls well suited for bathing. The pools are shallow and quite safe for anybody. The main pool is about 25 meters long with a depth of 2 – 8 feet. Therefore this site attracts a high number of local tourists during holidays. Unfortunately this popularity also has polluted the location.

Walallawita lies 18 km from Welipenna exit of the Southern Expressway and 15kms from the Kurundugahahathakma exit. From Walallawita town you need to take Aviththawa road for 1.5 km until you reach a narrow road which leads to the Deyyiagala Hermitage. After traveling about 1/2 km, you will come across a narrow bridge. The fall and be observed from bridge itself. To reach the Hermitage you need to walk another 800 meters passing the bridge. The waterfall can be reached from several points across small tea plantations after traveling about 100 meters.

Another smaller waterfall, Deiyyagala Ella can be reached by walking down stream from the bridge for few hundred meters.

Due to closeness to the hermitage and the past activities, it is prohibited to take any alcohol or musical instruments to the waterfall area.

Kalutara Thotas Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Thotas Ella Falls

Route from Welipenna Exit to Thotas Ella Falls

Though : Ittapana
distance : 25 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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