Ambagamuwa Inscriptions (අඹගමුව සෙල් ලිපි)

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Ambagamuwa inscriptions (epigraphs) are considered as one of the main sources of information in Polonnaruwa Era.

According to chronicles the king rested here en route to Sri Pada with his retinue while on pilgrimage.  The inscription has been made on the 36th year of King Vijayabahu I (1070-1110). These are engraved on 2 rocks which are 12 feet 3 inches x 9 feet 3 inches and the the other 9 feet 4 inches x 9 feet 7 inches in size.

These inscriptions describe the defeat of the Tamil invading forces by the King Vijayabahu I and bringing country under one rule, it also describes the work done by the king to the people and donations made to the Sri Pada pilgrims and the Sri Pada.

This inscription is located ab0out 400 meters from the Nawalapitiya – Ginigathhena Road (B319) at a vilage called Sellipigama in the Ambagamuwa town.

Unfortunately there is no archeology department board at the turn off to Sellipigama on the Nawalapitiya road. Either its broken down or never installed. The only indication is a cemented notice board on the ground at the top of the tiny road. This notice lies on the left of the road so that it is visible only if you are traveling from Nawapitiya.

This is a small tared road with most of the tar washed away. Travel about 400 meters along this road. This road will folk in to 3 small roads at about 200 meters and you need to take the left most road.

The inscriptions lies on a small triangular piece of land fenced by the archeological department. A small gate provides access into the rocks with inscriptions. Unfortunately this does not seem to be maintained properly with overgrown weeds surrounding the rocks. There is an open crack on one stone inscription which villagers say may be caused by the spreading roots of a breadfruit tree nearby.

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Map of Ambagamuwa inscriptions

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Driving Directions to Ambagamuwa inscriptions

Route from Colombo to Ambagamuwa inscriptions Route from Kandy to Ambagamuwa inscriptions
Though : Kaduwela – Avissawella – Karawanella – Ginigathena
Distance : 109 km
Travel time : 2.5-3 hoursDriving directions : see on google map
Though : Gampola – Nawalapitiya
Distance : 43 km
Travel time : 1 – 1.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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