Arisimale Beach – අරිසිමලේ මුහුදු වෙරල

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Arisimale Beach on a long weekend
Arisimale Beach on a long weekend

Arisimale Beach lies off the beaten track about 50 kms North of Trincomalee in the town of Pulmude. In Tamil arisi means rice and malai means mountain. Thus this is the ‘Mountain of Rice’ in Tamil. The reason for name is in the sand. This beach is made of extremely large particles of sand, the size of a rice seed.

Due to the distance from Trincomalee, this beach is bare and void of shops and hotels. Beach is clean and the water is crystal clear but due to extreme heat in this region, the ideal time to visit the beach may be morning or evening.

This beach is deeply buried in the Sri Lankan history. Thapassu Balluka, the two merchants who received locks of hair from Buddha is said to have landed at Arisimale Beach where they traveled up to Tiriyaya to deposit it in a shrine.

Due to this reason, There had been a large number archaeological artifacts in this region and in early 1980’s the Arisimale Raja Maha Viharaya lying close this beach has been granted 500 acres of surrounding land. A small farming community of Buddhists have been living this area who supported the temple. But with the LTTE Terrorists taking over this land, the residents were either killed or moved out and the priest too has moved to a safer area.

By the time the LTTE was defeated, this area has turned in to a Muslim Colony and like in most archaeological sites in east, has grabbed land of this archaeological site with no regard to its value.

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Map of  Arisimale Beach

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Traveling Directions to Arisimale Beach

Route from Colombo to Arisimale Beach

Through : Nilaveli – Thiriyaya
Distance :54  km
Travel time : 1.30 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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