Badulla Ambalama – බදුල්ල කච්චේරි භූමියේ පැරණි අම්බලම

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The ancient Ambalama at Badulla lies inside the Kachcheri land in the middle of the Badulla town. The ambalama has been built during early 19th century with finely carved wooden pillars, arches and pillar tops. It is believed that this ambalama had been built for the use of the visitors to the Kachcheri from faraway places who would spent hours on the grounds to get their work done.

The half wall of the ambalama also had served as a bench for the travelers. The roof is designed in a double pitched hip roof style and tiled with flat clay tiles, a popular ambalama style during the Kandyan Era.


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Map of Badulla Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Badulla Ambalama

Route from Badulla railway station to Badulla Ambalama
Through :
Distance : 1.4 km
Travel time :  5 minutes
Time to Spent : 15-30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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