Bhagawa Lena (Diva Guhawa) in Sri Pada Mountain (ශ්‍රී පාද කන්දේ භගවා ලෙණ)

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Diva Guhava is the only place in Solosmasthana which has not been properly identified. It is said in Mahavamsa, the great chronicle of Sri Lanka states that after preaching dhamma to Sumana Saman at Sri Pada mountain, he spent the day in the Diva Guhava cave on the side of this mountain.

Buddha made 3 visits to the island of Sri Lanka. The First visit of Buddha was on the 9th month after the of attainment of his Enlightenment, the Buddhahood to Mahiyangana. This was to stop a war between Yaksha and Naga tribes. Mahavamsa says that he conquered the yakshas there and sent them to an island named Giri, thereby setting the background for the establishment of Buddhism in the country later on, where the Buddha knew that the Dhamma would prevail “in all its glory”.

The Buddha’s second visit to Sri Lanka was made to Nagadipa in the fifth year after attaining enlightenment, where he settled a dispute between Naga kings Chulodara and Mahodara regarding a jewel studded chair. In the eighth year after enlightenment, the Buddha made his third and final visit to the country accompanied by 500 bhikkhus. This visit was to Kelaniya and was due to an invitation by a Naga king named Maniakkika, who had asked the Buddha to come to his kingdom during the previous visit.

The Buddha visited the dwelling of the Sumana Saman at Samanthakuta (now known as Sri Pada Mountain) whom he had met during the first visit to Mahiyangana.

Current opinions of Diva Guhava is focussed on 3 locations. The first one is the cave known as Bhagawa Lena below the Sri Pada Sammit. The other popular belief is that the Batathota Cave is the Diva Guhava mentioned in ancient texts. This cave lies in Erathana in Ratnapura off the Sri Pada route and very popular among tourists as well as pilgrims. The third belief is Diva Guhava lies in the ancient monastery complex of Kuragala.

The Bhagawa Lena cave lies hidden in the jungles about 100 meters (some say 30 meters) below the summit of Sri Pada mountain is not a place that pilgrims visit. The main reason for this to be a contender for Diva Guhawa is the ancient inscription found placed by king Nissanka Malla of Polonnaruwa kingdom (1187-1196) along with the line sketch of the king and a small arabic inscription.

In 1942, Pandita Kiriellae Gnanavimala Thero, who researched the historical and prehistoric places and ruins of Sabaragamuwa has commented regarding this cave in his book ‘Saparagamuwe Parani Liavili’ in 1942. “When you descend about 300 feet along Hatton Road from Siripa Maluwa, on the left side of the path is a beautiful rock cave eight and a half feet high, twenty-five feet long and widened by digging a part with the same amount of space. At the invitation of deity Sumana, the Tathagata, who placed the Siripa mark on the Saman Kuta, spent the day in this rock cave, which is not far from the foot of the rock.


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Map of Bhagawa Lena (Diva Guhawa) in Sri Pada Mountain

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Travel Directions to Bhagawa Lena (Diva Guhawa) in Sri Pada Mountain

Route from Colombo to Sri Pada (upto Nallataniya Foot Path)Route from Colombo to Sri Pada (upto Erathna Foot Path)
Though : Kaduwela – Avissawella – Ginigathena – Nallathanniya
distance : 140 km
Travel time : 4 hours.
Driving directions : see on google map
distance :95 km
Travel time : 2.5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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