Deegamadutu Dagoba Ruins at Akkaraipattu – අක්කරපත්තු දීඝමඩුටු දාගැබ නටබුන්

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The ruins of Deegamadutu Dagoba lies on a rock plateau a little away from the main Akkaraipattu – Sagama road. Coming from Akkaraipattu toward Sagama, turn right to the small road which lies almost opposite the bulldozed ruins of Gamini Tissa Monastery .

Traveling about 1.3 km on this road you will see the rocky area which consist of the ruins of Deegamadutu Dagoba. On one rock you can see a a highly dilapidated stupa resembling a mound of earth  covered in wild plants.


At the rate the Buddhist monuments and Buddhist archaeological evidence are been wiped out in the North and Eastern regions, remains of this stupa too may disappear without a trace overnight some day soon.

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Map of the Deegamadutu Dagoba Ruins at Akkaraipattu

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Traveling Directions to the Deegamadutu Dagoba Ruins at Akkaraipattu

Route from Akkaraipattu to Deegamadutu Dagoba Ruins

Through : Akkarapattu – Sagama toad
Distance : 12.5 km
Travel time : 20 mins
Driving directions : see on google maps


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