Erupothana Wewa at Mahakachchakodiya – එරුපොතාන වැව

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Erupothana is a historically important location in the Sri Lankan annals being the birth place of Nandimithra, one of the ten giant warriors of King Dutugemunu (161-131 BC). After the war with Elara, king Dutugemunu has made Nandimithra an regional ruler and allocated this area to him.

Lying off Vavuniya,  Erupothana and its surrounding area was inaccessible to the public for almost 30 years due to the terrorists activities. But the area still shows signs of this being a thriving community with Buddhist monastic ruins scattered all over the region.

This area consist of few  still functioning ancient irrigation reservoirs including the Erupothana reservoir is on such reservoir lying along the Mamaduwa – Mahakachchakodiya road.  Covering an area of about 1.2 square kilometers with a approximately 1 km long bund. The obscure reservoir hides an unique feature to known by many.

Bisokotuwa, the heart of large reservoirs of the country was the ground breaking invention which enabled the ancients of Sri Lanka to build massive reservoirs since 4th century BC.

Generally all the  reservoirs have the sluice gates which regulate the water flow out of the reservoir on the massive embankments.

But like the well known sluice gate of Sorabora Wewa at Mahiyanganaya, the Erupothana Wewa also utilises a natural rock channel to control the water out of the reservoir instead of a man maid sluice gate. This sluice can be seen at the far end of the Erupothana Dam when travelling from Mahakachchakodiya  side.

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Map of  the Erupothana Wewa at Mahakachchakodiya

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Traveling to Erupothana

Route from Vavuniaya to Erupothana Wewa at Mahakachchakodiya

Through : Mahakachchakodiya
Distance : 15.5 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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