Gurubebila Purana Tampita Viharaya, Matihaththa – ගුරුබැබිල පුරාණ ටැම්පිට විහාරය, මැටිහත්ත

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Gurubebila Purana Viharaya is a Buddhist temple in Metihaththa off Kaikawela in Rattota with an ancient Tampita Viharaya built during the Kandyan Kingdom. The temple lies off 3 km off Kaikawela junction on the Kumbaloluwa road.

To reach the temple from Matale, travel on the Rattota road for 8 km to reach Kaikawela junction. Take the left turn from Kaikawela and take road towards Kumbaloluwa. There are two direction boards at the top of this road, one directing to Gurubebila Tampita Viharaya and the other to Kosgolla Ella waterfall.

A Tampita Viharaya is a structure built on a wooden platform which rests on number of stone stumps usually 3-4 feet tall. The roof is held by a structure built of timber and the walls are generally made of wattle and daub.

The Tampita Viharaya at the Gurubebila Purana Viharaya is built on short granite stumps as the center part of a larger building. A narrow circumambulating path with no protective rail surrounds the image house. The roof covers both the Tampita Viharaya and the outer hall. A simple door frame to the image house of the Tampita Viharaya is built in the form of Chandrawanka and is flanked by two guardian deities.  Two equal size Buddha statues in the samadi posture lie at the center of the image house. A Samadhi Buddha is painted at the center of the wall with a radiating halo. At the top of the halo is a painting of Sri Maha Bodhi. Six deities are painted on the wall beside the Bodhi tree. Images of Sariputta and Moggallana (Sariyuth and Mugalan) is painted below the deities.

You can see a painting of deity Vishnu and another next to it The right side wall. Arhaths carrying flowers are painted on the opposite wall. The rest of the walls are covered in murals including Suwisi Vivaranaya.  A Samadhi Buddha has been painted at the center of the roof with a detailed Dragon Arch.

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Map of the Gurubebila Purana Tampita Viharaya

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Driving Directions to Gurubebila Purana Tampita Viharaya

Route from Matale to Gurubebila Purana Tampita Viharaya

Though : Kaikawela
distance : 9 km
Travel time :20 mins
Time to spend : 20 – 30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map