Hingurakgoda Diya Bubula (හිඟුරක්ගොඩ දිය බුබුල)

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About 1.5 km away from Hingurakgoda town lies an underground water reservoir which never dries up. The spring pumps up water at a remarkable speed throughout the year and even during the worst droughts in the area.

Some villagers say that this water spout appeared when the first priminister of Sri Lanka, D. S. Senanayake ceremoniously stuck the mammoty for the fist time at Hingurakgoda in his effort to re colonize the ancient farmlands of Rajarata.

This Diya Bubula was ignored until the Polonnaruwa district faced a major drought in 2o12 with most of the water sources in the area had dried up. Surprisingly this spring showed no effect of the drought and was used to provide water not only to Hingurakgoda but to many surrounding towns. Thereafter the local government agencies had developed this Bubula by building a tank surrounding spring and outlets for bathing.

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Map of Hingurakgoda Diya Bubula

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Travel Directions to Hingurakgoda Diya Bubula

Route from Hingurakgoda to Diya Bubula

Through : Samupakara Mawatha
Distance : 2.1 km
Travel time : 4 minues
Driving directions : see on google map

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