Hulangala Mini World’s End at Selagama (සේලගම හුලංගල කුඩා ලෝකාන්තය)

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In addition to the popular World’s End at Horton Plains, there are number of lesser known precipices with spectacular view of surrounding area. Called mini worlds ends, they are Madulsima in Pitamaruwa, Pitawala Pathana in Riverstone, Deanston in Hunnasgiriya  and Hulangala in Selagama.

Hulangala Mini Worlds End lies in the southern end of the Knuckles mountain range in the Selagama estate which can be reached from either Kurunegala or Matale. From Kurunegala, travel towards Dambulla up to Thalgodapitiya Junction and turn to Yatawatta road. The total distance is about 40km. To travel form Matale, you need to turn off at Palathwela to reach Yatawatta. From  Yatawatta, take the road towards Selagama estate.

At the estate entrance, you are charged LKR 100 per person and LKR 250 for a vehicle. From the line houses of Selagama  estate, you can  hike for 2-3 km to reach the view point. However motor bikes, 3 wheelers and 4×4 vehicles can go right up to the view point. The mini worlds end lies at height of 760 meters (2500 feet) above sea level. However the Hulangala hill rises up to 1025 meters (3360 feet). You can expect strong winds at the top due to its positioning. This is a dangerous drop and and extra care needs to be taken when moving towards the edge. There is no guard rails or protective wall. Therefore children should be always accompanied by adults.

You can also make a visit to the Yatawatta Biso Ella which also lies with the Selagama  estate. To reach the waterfall, you will need to turn right from the line houses of the estate and go upto the Yatawatta Hindu Temple. Here you need to get down from the vehicles and walk across some paddy fields to reach the top of the waterfall.

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Map of the Hulangala Mini World’s End at Selagama

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Driving Directions to Hulangala Mini World’s End at Selagama

Route from Matale to Hulangala Mini World’s End at Selagama
Though : Kurunegala
Distance : 122 km
Travel time : 2.30 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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