Hunas Falls (හුන්නස්ගිරි ඇල්ල)

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Height :48 meters
District :Kandy

The Knuckles mountain range extends up to Matale – the Hunnasgiriya is located at one end, 1765m above sea level. This area is subject to every climatic condition of the island. A group of five streams flow from here and meet to form the Mahaoya Reservoir, which leads on to Hunas Falls (48m high and 12m wide) and the Sudu Ganga River.

Above the Hunas Falls lies 32 hectares of land with an artificial lake and patch of jungle, which belongs to a private hotel. The woodland consists of Cyprus, pyness (pines), teak, phihimbia, huna and ratadel, hathawariya and types of orchids also grow here. The surrounding area is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, porcupine, monkey, mongoose, wild boar, pangolin and the forest eagle owl, while the water is alive with fish.

During the colonial era, a British national known as ‘Dirty Misty’ owned tea plantations near the fall. He had a flower garden, artificial pool and golf course put in for his wife.

Folklore has it that during the Buddha’s visit to Sri Lanka, he visited Hunnasgiriya before Samanalakande, to leave a print of his foot. At that very moment, a giant lizard living on the mountain gave out a cackling sound, disturbing the Buddha. The Buddha responded by tying the offending lizard’s throat and it is said the lizards that reside near the fall have been mute since. Local villagers also believe that during times of prolonged drought, the Gambara deity is seen carrying a torch through the mountains at midnight.

Take the Kandy – Matale road for 18km, turning at Wattegama onto Elkaduwa road. Travel 3km along the beautiful country road through the Hunnasgiriya State Plantations to Imbulapitiya, (Ukkuwela Divisional Secretariat Division, Karagahahinna GS area). The Hunas Falls is at the foot of the Hunnas Hotel.


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Map of Hunas Falls

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Travel Directions to Hunas Falls

Travel approximately 4.5 km along the road to Hunas Falls Hotel to reach the entrance to the waterfall. You can park the vehicle along the road and you need to walk about 100 meters to view the waterfall.

Route from Kandy to Hunas falls
Though : – Katugastota – Madawala
Distance : 22 + 4.5 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map


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