Ilumbakanda Doowili Ella Falls – ඉලුඹකන්ද දූවිලි ඇල්ල

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Height :40 meters
District :Ratnapura

There are two ways to the Ilumbakanda Doowili Ella Falls. One is via Ratnapura, Kalawana, and Pothupitiya come to Imbullkande Village. From here, trek 2km into the forest to see the fall. The other is located in the Suryakande Morning Side area. Travel For 8km using a vehicle to reach Morning’s Side Forestry Research center. Then trek for 7km in difficult terrain. But a new route to the fall is already mapped.

The marker on the Google Map below shows the approximate location of the waterfall in the Ilumbakanda.

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Map of Ilumbakanda Doowili Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Ilumbakanda Doowili Ella Falls

Route from Colombo to Ilumbakanda Doowili Ella Falls

Though : Matugama – Baduraliya – Kalawana
Distance : 130 km
Travel time : 3 hours + hike
Driving directions : see on google map


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