Historic Balana Kadawatha Kos Gasa – බලන කඩවත කොස් ගස

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Balana fort was built by the Kingdom of Kandy near Alagalla Mountain Range, Sri Lanka. The fort functioned as a strategic rock fortress and an outpost to Kandyan kingdom protecting the kingdom from Kotte Kingdom, Seethawaka kingdom and European invaders for over 500 years.

Before the British built the roads to Kandy, the route was only a foot path which went past Balana Fort. The entrance to a fort area is called a Kadawatha. This entrance lies west of the Balana Fort. Access to this entrance was passing a steep mountain area and then through a deep rock cut. It is said that all travelers to and from Kandy were scrutinized by the Kandyan soldiers at this entrance. Tax officers and even spies of the king too has been stationed to protect the kingdom.

Today, the only indication of the location of this entrance (Kadawatha) to the Kandyan Kingdom is identified by a lone Jack Fruit Tree (Kos Gasa) where solders and officials on duty is said to have rested. When the archaeological department marked the area reserved for the Balana Fort, this Kadawatha has not being identified and now this Jack tree lies adjoining a narrow tar road and a precipice on the other side. This area now belongs to an private land owner.

Since this tree was situated close to the “Kadawatha” it was known as the Kawadathe Kos Gaha and now its known as the “Kadawatha Kos Gasa” and the only identification is a small board setup by the Central Environmental Authority.  at the tree identifying  this tree as the Kadawatha Kos Gasa.

Close to this tree lies three large boulders near a paddy field in the private land. Legend states that these three boulders lie on the ancient route to Kandy and the solders were stationed at this location. The travelers had to put down any luggage which they carried and had to cross the boulders with another persons support. Here the soldiers could detect if the travelers were carrying anything hidden on their bodies.

Although this area has not been taken under the archaeological department, the Central Environment Authority has named this as an protected tree but it seems to be limited to only to the book.

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Route from Kandy to Balana Kadawatha Kos Gasa Route from Kadugannawa to Balana Kadawatha Kos Gasa
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