Kanchikudichchi Aru Ruins

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Kanchikudichchi Aru (also called Kanjikudichchi Aru) Ruins lies on the two hills on either side of the Kanchikudichchi reservoir embankment. One hill has a 20 ft. dagaba which has been pillaged. A Hindu Kovil has been built on another ruined place, using ancient stone slabs and pillars from this site. Below this stupa at the bottom of the rock near the road lies a drip ledge cave with some cave art.

The other hill has 11 caves which have been used by the meditation monks.  One cave has a stone inscription with Brahmi (early Sinhala) inscriptions which can be dated to 2nd century B.C. or older. Other stone slabs are dated to be belonging to the  8th century. The presence of these slabs is proof that this temple complex has been flourishing for at least 600 years before abandonment.


The name Kanjikudichchi may mean `the tank with broken bunds’ However, the tank would have had a name before the `bunds’ fell. The name can be also interpreted in tamil as the `tank (where) broth was drunk’. Therefore it has been claimed that the ancient name of this tank could have been Kandegoda Wewa and the stream Kandegoda Ara.

During the LTTE Terrorists were active, this site was used as one of their camps and currently there is a Army camp nearby. You will need to obtain permission from the camp to explore this area.

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Map of  Kanchikudichchi Aru Ruins

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Travel Directions to Kanchikudichchi Aru Ruins

Route from Ampara to Kanchikudichchi Aru Ruins

Distance :  47  km
Travel time : 1.15 hour
Driving directions : see on google map

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