Kapurukanda Ella Falls in Kalutara (කපුරුකන්ද ඇල්ල)

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Kapuru Kanda Ella Falls
Kapuru Kanda Ella Falls
Height :30 meters
District :Kalutara

The 60 [sic] meter high Kapurukanda Ella Falls is tallest waterfall in the Kalutara District

The waterfall is hidden deep inside the jungles between Landscape Estate and Dalkeith Estate in the Palinda Nuwara Divisional Secretariat in the Kalutara District. Although LCWF database has the height of this waterfall as 60 meters, the actual height of this fall is around 30 meters.

Kapurukanda Ella falls in 2 stages and best during the rainy season. However access to the fall may be not possible during rainy periods as you need to hike upstream over the same steam over slippery rocks and narrow gorges to reach fall.

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