Kadiyanlena Ella Falls (Ketaboola Ella) – කඩියන්ලෙන (කැටබූල) ඇල්ල

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Upper Segmen tof Kataboola Ella Falls (Kadiyanlena Ella)
Upper Segmen tof Ketaboola Ella Falls (Kadiyanlena Ella)
Height :8 meters
District :Nuwara Eliya

The water of the 8m-high Ketaboola Ella Fall (Kadiyanlena Ella Falls) cascades down in stages. Although the flow is otherwise languid, during rain the fall is transformed into a rushing body of water, the spray reaching the nearby road.

The full Ketaboola cascade consists of 3 levels. The Main Nawalapitiya road crosses this fall on a old arch bridge bisecting the 2nd and 3rd segments. The first and the top most segment falls in the single stream. The generally accepted height of 8 meters of Ketaboola fall is probably the height of the 1st segmemt.

From the pool below the 1st segment, the water falls to the second pool over a wide rock creating the second part. This creates a wide segment of about 6-7 meters.

Then the water flows under the arch bridge and the creates the final segment of the fall underneath the bridge. The complete waterfall with all three segment probably 25 meters in height.

Ketaboola Ella Falls (aka Ketaboola Estate Falls) is located in Kadiyanlena village, 10 km away from Nawalapitiya. Thus this waterfall is also called Kadiyanlena Falls.

Being on a route less traveled, the environment surrounding the waterfall is still in a unspoiled state.

The closest towns in are Thalawakele and Nawalapitiya, both which will not provide you with decent accommodation.

Other names : Katabula Ella, Katabula Falls, Kadiyanlena Falls, Kadiyanlena Ella, Ketaboola Estate Falls, Katabula Estate Falls

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Map of Ketaboola Ella Falls

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Ketaboola Ella Falls Video

An informative video clip by Nade Gura Travel & Conservation Society

Travel Directions to Ketaboola Ella Falls

The waterfall can be easily visited on the way to Nuwara Eliya. Instead of taking the Ginigathena – Hatton – Thalawakele route, take the Ginigathena – Nawalapitiya Road (B319) and from Nawalapitiya, take the Dimbula (Thalawakele) road (B317). This is not a carpeted road but the drive will take you through some of the most beautiful views of our hill country. 10 km down this B317 road, you will find the waterfall next to the road. The road bridge splits the fall in to two and you need to get town and walk down steam before the bridge to get the full view of the falls.

Route from Nawalapitiya to Ketaboola falls

Route from Dimbula to Ketaboola falls

Though : Nawalapitiya-Dimbula Road
Distance : 10 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Nawalapitiya-Dimbula Road
Distance : 20 km
Travel time : 30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

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