Ruins of the Manalkadu Dutch Church in Jaffna – යාපනය මනල්කඩු පුරාණ ඕලන්ද පල්ලිය ගොඩනැගිල්ල නටබුන්

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Ruins of the Manalkadu Dutch Church in Jaffna
Ruins of the Manalkadu Dutch Church in Jaffna
Photo By : Sohan Dakshina Perera

Manalkadu lies about 12 km off Point Pedro and on the eastern cost of Jaffna Penisula which is popular for its sand dunes along the sea.

This sleepy fishing village lies off the general path of tourists and only travelers to this area are the pilgrims to St St. Anthony’s Church lying close to the sea in the vast sandy land. On the route to this church and just before it, lies ruins of an ancient Church built by Dutch. Only the massive walls with arch entrances remain on this impressive  structure.

With part of it buried under the sand due to continued attack of sandy winds for over 100 years, this land mark is provides a unique experience for the visitor. This building has been declared as a protected archaeological monument by the department of Archaeology.

One other attraction you would also see is the replica of the  30 meter Christ the Redeemer staue of  Rio de Janeiro in Brazil at the new St. Anthony’s Church.

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Map of Ruins of the Manalkadu Dutch Church

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Traveling directions to Ruins of the Manalkadu Dutch Church

Travel directions from Jaffna town to Ruins of the Manalkadu Dutch Church

Distance : 3.2 km
Travel time : 6 min
Time to spend : 15-30 mins
Driving directions : see on google map