Koddiyar Fort – කොඩ්ඩියාර් බලකොටුව

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Koddiyar (Kottiar)  lies south of Koddiyar Bay in Trincomalee. According the great chronicle Mahawamsa and Chulawamsa this was a Sinhalese dominated area in the past the time and was under the control of Kandyan King.  Today this area is called Kinnia, Muttur and Sampoor.

The Dutch built a fort in Koddiyar (now known as Muttur)  in 1622 with the permission from the King Senarat of Kandy with the view of getting rid of the Portuguese. But the Portuguese who were in control of Trincomalee destroyed this partly built fort and later was taken over by the Dutch with the defeat of the Portuguese.  The Dutch dismantled the fort after consolidation of power in Trincomalee. This out-post was then strengthened in 1658 with rise of power of British and the French.

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