Kosgulana Sangili Palama – Connecting 2 Provinces – කොස්ගුලන සංගිලි පාලම

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Kosgulana Sangili Palama
Kosgulana Sangili Palama
Photo by Prasanna Sanjeewa

Sangili Palama is a type of narrow suspension bridge (hanging bridge)  which lies across rivers in various part of Sri Lanka. The ancient Sangili Palama’s were built using large ropes but now steel cables are used in building these bridges.  These bridges are so narrow only pedestrians can use them and most of the time barely 2 people can pass each other. wooden planks are laid across the cables but in most cases due to non maintenance some planks can be found missing creating gaping holes. the  The thrill of a Sangili Palama is the walking across it with the whole bridge bouncing with every steps and swaying side to side. With the bouncing and swinging increasing as you move towards the center of the bridge with rattling notices from stretching cables and loose planks , most people find walking across these types of suspensions bridges nerve wrecking.

There are few long and popular suspension bridges in Sri Lanka. Some of them are Peradeniya Sangili Palama across Mahaweli Ganga and the Ruwanwella Sangili Palama across Kelani Ganga which is believed to be the the longest in the country.

Another little known Sangili Palama lies across Kukule Ganga, a tributary of Kalu Ganga in Makeli Ella area in Matugama. Known as Kosgulana Sangili Palama, ths bridge is about 65 meters long and not visible from the road. What is unique about this bridge is the lies between two provinces and you can go from Western Province to the Sabaragamuwa Province by crossing this tiny suspension bridge.

The Kosgulana Sangili Palama lies about 750 feet above the water level and is laid with about 400 Kitul planks. The bridge is 3 feet wide and it was reported that it was in a dilapidated state in 2016 even though hundreds cross this bridge every day.

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Map of  Kosgulana Sangili Palama

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Travel Directions to Kosgulana Sangili Palama

Route from Colombo to Kosgulana Sangili Palama

Though : Kottawa – Southern Expressway – Bandaragama – Ballapitiya – Egaloya – Bulathsinhala – Molkawa
Distance : 77 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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