Kotagala Kotasara Sri Piyangalu Raja Maha Viharaya (කොටාගල ශ්‍රී කොටසර පියංගලු රජමහා විහාරය)

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After traveling 12 kilometers to Kekirawa and another 12 kilometers to Dambulla from Kekirawa in the District of Anuradhapura, Kotagala Sri Piyangalu Raja Maha Viharaya can be seen. This Viharaya flourished for hundreds of  years which was worshiped by thousands of Buddhist devotees. the rock is 60 fathoms in height and contains over 30 cauldron caverns used by ancient buddha disciples. The history of Piyangalu Raja Maha Viharaya extends to King Dutugemunu era. As per the ancient sources, there are written evidences of Buddhist monks who resided in this ancient Raja Maha viharaya at the time of King Dutugemunu and also the Sri Maha Bodhi sapling implanted here for the homage of pious devotees remain in the adorned status.

Under the safe guardianship of Wanasinghe bikku generation, the Piyangalu viharaya later developed as a Raja maha Viharaya and at present Venerable Kuda Kanthoruwe Siddhartha Thero acts as the chief incumbent of the viharaya who holds the pedigree of deputy sanganayaka of Kalagam division of the Malathu Chapter of Siam nikaya. Entered the Buddhist order under the ex chief incumbent venerable Unduruwa Pemananda Nayaka Thero, he was ordained in 1981 and became the chief incumbent in 1992. Since then as a result of gigantic development in the Raja Maha Viharaya Sri Pemananda Pirivena was established which facilitates over 600 students thereby providing students with values and education.

Sri Pemananda Pirivena which was originated in 1997 as a result of unobstructed courage of present chief incumbent thero, has become premier education center that facilitates students with Buddhist discipline and edification.

The prior arrangements of building the great Ran Seya in the 60 fathom height rock of Sri Piyangalu Raja Maha viharaya is in progress. This mammoth Stupa which is built in Kotasara rock which depicts the pride of the Buddhist and the miraculous status of Buddhism will become a center that disseminates peace and loving kindness of our motherland and the world. Lets actively contribute to this great effort of building Ran Seya thereby to cater the nation a giant Buddhist power in the 21st century.

Source : ransaya.com
Images : www.piyangalu.org

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Travel Directions to Kotagala Kotasara Sri Piyangalu Raja Maha Viharaya

Route from Colombo to Kotagala Kotasara Sri Piyangalu Raja Maha Viharaya
Through : Ambepussa – Kurunegalaga – Galewela – Dambulla
Distance : 160 km
Travel time : 3 hours.
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