Kudagala “Punchi Sigiriya” Archaeological Site – කුඩාගල පුංචි සීගිරිය පුරාවිද්‍යා භූමිය

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View from the main cave — at Kudagala in Dehiaththakandiya
View from the main cave — at Kudagala in Dehiaththakandiya
Photo courtesy of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

Kudagala is a rock formation in the Dehiattakandiya close to a another huge rocky outcrop which has some resemblance to Sigiriya. In 1968 Professor Senarath Paranavithana explored this site and recorded of cave walls adorned with frescoes similar to Sigiri Frescoes at this site. Thus this location is better known as  “Kuda Sigiriya” or “Punchi Sigiriya” among the villagers. The caves on this rock formation has has been adobes to the meditating Buddhist monks since the pre-christian era. Even today the site serves and a Forest Hermitage for few meditating bikkus. This site is also referred as “Kudagala Arannya” and “Kudagala Rajamaha Viharaya”.

Describing the frescoes seen 1968, prof. Paranavithana notes that these frescoes could have been male figures even though they looked like female figures. He had placed these frescoes to a period between Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa Period. Unfortunately the frescoes seen by Prof. Paranavithana had never received any attention by the authorities and have disappeared leaving only an outline in some placed just enough for the visitor to visualize what this rock would have looked thousand years ago.

To reach the site, travel 3.7 km towards Aralaganwila from Dehiattakandiya and turn right from the Aluthkade Junction. Another 7 kms along narrow interior roads will bring you the foothills of the Kudagala “Punchi Sigiriya” archaeological site.

These ruins of Kudagala was declared as a protected archaeological monument by the Gazette issued on 10th October 2014, and describes the location of as follows ;

“Rock called Kudagala with drip ledged cave complex containing the remains of ancient painting and ancient dagoba (Kuda Sigiriya) and the hillock of ancient ruins at Kudagala vihara premises belonging to Kudagala village situated in Grama Niladhari Division No. 142/N, Kadirapura in the Divisional Secretary’s Division Dehiaththakandiya in Ampara District in Eastern Province. (Latitude 07º 40′ 53.2” N and longitude 081º 05′ 53.4” E).”

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Map of Kudagala “Punchi Sigiriya” Archaeological Ruins

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Travel Directions to Kudagala “Punchi Sigiriya” Archaeological Ruins

Route from Dehiattakandiya to Kudagala “Punchi Sigiriya” Archaeological Ruins

Through : Aralaganwila Road
Distance : 11 km
Travel time : 20 minutes.
Time to spent : 1 – 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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