Marakapu Ella Falls – මරකපු ඇල්ල

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Height :16 meters
District :Kalutara

Marakapu Ella Falls lies in the Kalutara district Agalawatte in the world heritage Sinharaja Forest Conservation. Passing Matugama Baduraliya come to Athweltota area. Travel on the Morapitiya  Mahawatte  Kandy Road for about 2km up to the to Athweltota village. The route is difficult being the route via Hettiyawattehena is over a slope and mountainous country. A km from Manaragoda the fall is in the border of Sinharaja.

The fall cascades errantly from a huge rock protuberance. During rain,  the water spews about 8m from the base and the milieu is shrouded in mist with howling winds. However during the dry spell we see the necklace getting thin.

The woodlot is depleted due to denudation and plantations also had coursed environmental depletion. Dam constructed *about 50m above making a rescuing feels about 200 homesteads. About half of its water supply is stored in a tank, with the spill over flowing to a brook. The fall it self is threatened with extinction. The name of this fall is said to into we the death of a Malay chieftain

Morapitiya Junction is just before Athwelthota. Take the first road to the right after you pass the bridge after the Moratpitiya junction. Travel about 1.5Km on this route to reach the road that leads to the left (just before the factory). After walking 500 meters you will came to a point where you have to take another left turn and continued uphill through a rubber patch, and finally reach the water tank at the end of the road. From here it is a small foot path towards the last house, and from there on wards one needs to follow the water pipe which diverts water from the waterfall towards the water tank to reach the top of the fall.

There are two more smaller waterfalls lying in the same area. You can reach these falls by traveling further along this road.

  1. Maha Ella
  2. Bala Ella

Alternate names : “Mara Kapu Ella”, “Mara Kepu Ella”, “Marakepu Ella”

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Map of Marakapu Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Marakapu Ella Falls

Route from Colombo to Marakapu Falls Ella ( upto the turn off at morapitiya junction)

Route from Kalutara to Marakapu Falls Ella ( upto the turn off at morapitiya junction)

Through : Southern Expressway – Matugama – Baduraliya – Athweltota
Distance : 87 km
Travel time : 2.15 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Matugama – Baduraliya – Athweltota
Distance : 43 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map


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