Ulapane Mawatura Gal Viharaya (උලපනේ මාවතුර ගල් විහාරය)

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Ulapane Mawatura Gal Viharaya is a temple hidden off Ulapane neglected by the authorities and forgotten by the general public. The building known as Galviharya in the temple is an unfinished ancient stone building. The architectural style of this edifice shares a number of similarities with some of the buildings constructed in the Gampola period (1341-1415 CE). This construction was to erect a 35.6×26.6 meter image house. The entrance of the building is facing south. No proper attention has been made to protect this monument.

To reach the site, you need to travel 2 km passing the Ulapane Bridge (where the Fools Bridge lies) over Mahaweli River on the Pussellawa road (B431).


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Map of the Ulapane Mawatura Gal Viharaya

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Driving Directions to Ulapane Mawatura Gal Viharaya

Route from Ulapane Bridge over Mahaweli Ganga to Mawatura Gal Viharaya

Via : Pussellawa Road
distance : 2 km
Travel time : 10 mins
Time to spend : 15 – 30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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