Savandarapiriya Sri Pattini Tampita Devalaya (සැවැන්දරපිටිය ශ්‍රී පත්තිනි ටැම්පිට දේවාලය)

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Passing Nawalapitiya and Ginigathhena, Pasbage Korale is a historically import area. It is said in the Navangama inscription, one of the oldest inscriptions in the country, that this area was a ideal resting place for devotees going on Sri Pada pilgrimage. The area of Pasbage Korale is located at an altitude of 589 meters above sea level. Rainfall of about 42.82 mm throughout the year.

Savandarapiriya Pattini Devale lies 3.8 km from Nawalapitiya on the Ulapane road. A tiny foot path up the hill provides access to the devalaya. Only an insignificant small board marks it as the access path to the devalya (see image above), this too is only visible from the Ulapane side. Devotees frequent this place generally on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

According to legend, this Tampita Devalaya is attributed to king Buwanekabahu IV (1341-1351) of Gampola kingdom and it is also said that he and the queen had spent a night at the Savandarapiriya Pattini Devale on a pilgrimage to Sri Pada mountain. Another legend attributes this devalaya to queen Henakanda Biso Bandara. folklores about this mysterious queen are many. She is believed to be born of a Beli fruit and even deity of Kataragama was mesmerized by her beauty (see here). Henakanda Biso Bandara is believed to be a queen of king Wickramabahu III (1357-1374) of Gampola kingdom (Abeyawardhana,2004).

Historically this is important building as only very few devalaya is built on pillars. The building has been erected on a 3 inch thick wooden platform sitting on top of stone pillars. The walls are built with wattle and (Abeyawardhana,2004). However the original structures and plan of the tampita feature had been changed several times. Wooden beams of the original building have been removed and left at the premises of the shrine (Moragolla Hydropower Project Feasibility Study Final Report, 2012).

No photo of the Savandarapiriya Sri Pattini Tampita Devalaya could be found.


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Map of the Savandarapiriya Sri Pattini Tampita Devalaya

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Driving Directions to Savandarapiriya Sri Pattini Tampita Devalaya

Route from Ginigathena to Savandarapiriya Sri Pattini Tampita Devalaya

Though : Nawalapitiya
distance : 16 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Time to spend : 20 – 30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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