Meddekanda Ella Falls (මැද්දෙකන්ද ඇල්ල)

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Meddekanda Ella Falls
Meddekanda Ella Falls
Height :18 meters
District :Ratnapura

At 18m high and 2m wide, the Meddekanda Ella Falls can be viewed from Medakande Bazaar. Caution is advised as bathing in its plunge pool is dangerous.

The fall is situated in the Ratnapura District. Take the Balangoda – Rassagala road for 10km to the school in Madekande MV, and then head west for about 1km to Ellewala where the fall is to be found. The nearest town is Balangoda

The waterfall is also called Ali Wala Ella since elephants have been used bath here till 1970’s.

The LCWF lists another waterfall called Dodam Gallena Ella at 30m around the same location. Meddekanda and Dodam Gal Lena could be referring the single waterfall submitted by two seperate individuals to LCWF. Any clarifications – please inform amazinglanka.

The marker on the Google Map below points to the approximate location of the waterfall based on various travel directions.

Other spellings : Meddekande Ella, Meddakanda Ella, Meddakande Ella

Following are the waterfalls lying on the Ratnapura-Wewalwatte route

waterfalls lying on the Ratnapura - Wewalwatte route
  1. Aanda Ella waterfall
  2. Goxin Falls
  3. Katu Kithul Ella Waterfall
  4. Hal Ella Waterfall
  5. Dehena Ella Waterfall
  6. Pandi Oya Ella Waterfall
  7. Mandanagiri Ella Waterfall
  8. Wewel Ella Waterfall
  9. Bambarabotuwa Ella Waterfall
  10. Alupola Ella Waterfall
  11. Demala Ella Waterfall
  12. Beruwatta Ella Waterfall

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Map of Meddekanda Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Meddekanda Ella Falls

Route from Ratnapura to Meddekanda Ella Falls Route from Ratnapura to Meddekanda Ella Falls
Through : Wewelwatta Road
Distance : 46 km
Travel time : 1.15-1.30 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Balangoda
Distance : 50 km
Travel time : .45 – 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map


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