Beruwatte Ella Falls (බෙරුවත්ත ඇල්ල)

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Height :50 meters
District :Ratnapura

The 50m high Beruwatte Ella Falls, set amongst tea plantations and a plethora of mountainous flora and fauna, is formed by the convergence of several brooks originating on the Rakshagala Mountain. The cascading waters of the fall have been poetically likened to pure white cotton and a length of loosened hair, flowing from a fairy in the heavens, free for anyone to comb.

At the base of the fall is a rock that offers a perfect seat for quiet contemplation, and also a pool known as the Beruwatte Villa, from where two brooks converge to flow into the Wevel Dola stream. This stream is later joined by the Alupola Dola and the Ravula Dola, and finally flows into the Mahaweli River near Malwala. Both the Balakotunna mountain range and the Mahalassa estate are visible from the elevated ground close to the fall. The land around the fall has been degraded due to illicit gem pits. Around 130 families inhabit the nearby village whose principal means of subsistence are gem minin and the cultivation of crops such as pepper, chillies and goraka (Garcinia spp).

Following are the waterfalls lying on the Ratnapura-Wewalwatte route

waterfalls lying on the Ratnapura - Wewalwatte route
  1. Aanda Ella waterfall
  2. Goxin Falls
  3. Katu Kithul Ella Waterfall
  4. Hal Ella Waterfall
  5. Dehena Ella Waterfall
  6. Pandi Oya Ella Waterfall
  7. Mandanagiri Ella Waterfall
  8. Wewel Ella Waterfall
  9. Bambarabotuwa Ella Waterfall
  10. Alupola Ella Waterfall
  11. Demala Ella Waterfall
  12. Beruwatta Ella Waterfall

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Map of Beruwatte Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Beruwatte Ella Falls

Hidden access path to Beruwatte Falls
Hidden access path to Beruwatte Falls

The fall is situated in the Ratnapura District. From Ratnapura town, head towards Balangoda via Wevelwatte and the fall can be found in the village of Balakotunna. Alternatively, from the Wevelwatte junction, head towards Balangoda. The Fall lies about 500 meters past the 1 km post from Wewelwatte.

There is no sign or indication of the waterfall on the road. Neither you can see or hear the waterfall from the road. The only landmark is a small house painted white as in picture. There is a foot path next to this house. The start of footpath is barely visible and may not be easily identified.

From here the walk is more or less on a flat land and along the stream which creates the waterfall. The distance to the fall from the main road is about 100 meters.

Route from Ratnapura to Beruwatta Falls Route from Balangoda to Beruwatta Falls
Distance : 32 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map
Distance : 23 km
Travel time : 45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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