Alupola Ella Falls at Wewalwatte, Ratnapura – අලුපොල ඇල්ල

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Height : 68 meters
District : Ratnapura

This 68m Alupola Ella Falls derives its name from a nearby tea estate. It is served by a brook beginning at Kalugaldova on the southern slope of the Bathurugala Mountain (1047m). After being joined by numerous other small brooks, the water winds its way through the mountain jungles to Wewell Dola, where it forms the Walawe River. This is met by the Heendole stream before forming the elegant fall.

The upper reach of the fall is home to species such as elk, sambur deer, wild boar and reptiles. The lower reaches are abundant with water leeches. Thereafter, the water cascades from a rocky ridge giving rise to the small Halketiya Falls.

Even in a drought the water continues to fall as a small stream, and due to the moisture, even as the midday sun shines overhead, a damp environment prevails. A hydro-electric power station has been built by damming Alupola Falls in Bellangama, and the power generated is used by the Wewell Watte Tea Factory. Water is also supplied to the government tea factory. However, mining around the fall itself has damaged the aquatic eco system and if steps are not taken immediately to remedy this, the fall may be destroyed. On a number of occasions, sudden water surges associated with the fall have occurred, causing several deaths.

Following are the waterfalls lying on the Ratnapura-Wewalwatte route

waterfalls lying on the Ratnapura - Wewalwatte route
  1. Aanda Ella waterfall
  2. Goxin Falls
  3. Katu Kithul Ella Waterfall
  4. Hal Ella Waterfall
  5. Dehena Ella Waterfall
  6. Pandi Oya Ella Waterfall
  7. Mandanagiri Ella Waterfall
  8. Wewel Ella Waterfall
  9. Bambarabotuwa Ella Waterfall
  10. Alupola Ella Waterfall
  11. Demala Ella Waterfall
  12. Beruwatta Ella Waterfall

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Map of  Alupola Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Alupola Ella Falls

Ratnapura is the nearest city to the fall that is situated on a tea estate bordering a stretch of the Sri Pada Jungle. Take the road from Ratnapura to Bambarakotuwa and Wewelwatta, which then winds through lush plantations and the villages of Kudamagaka, Ravuladola, Pollwatte and Rilegama until reaching the Egarasland and Halwatura summit junctions. From here, turn left and follow the short winding road to the twin falls. Due to the difficult terrain, a four-wheel drive vehicle is the best mode of transport. The Ratnapura rest-house is 27km away.

You can reach the waterfall from Wewelwatte town. Turn uphill and travel about 2.6 km which will take you right to the bottom of the fall. On the way you will get a good view (though far away) of Beruwatte Falls from number of places. This road is not mapped on the google maps yet. You can see this route on the Google Earth Travel Companion Here.

If your next destination is Beruwatte Falls you can either continue on this road which will connect to the Wewelwatte – Balangoda road. From here you need to turn back towards Wewalwatte and travel about 1.5 km to reach the Beruwatte Falls. On this route you will also be able to see the Demala Falls far away. Else you can turn and come back the the Wewelwatta town on the same route and travel towards Balangoda. Either way the distance is the same.


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