Ruins of Nagathalvu St Thomas Church in Mannar (මන්නාරම නාගතාලවු ශාන්ත තෝමස් පල්ලිය)

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Travelling exactly 1 km on the Thiruketheeswaram Road starting from Medawachchiya-Mannar road, turning right to the gravel road that leads to Nagathalvu and travelling another 1.3 km will bring you to an old brick monument in front of the Nagathalvu Tank which once had been a large church.

This church is more than 100 years old. It is built using limestone, coral stones and bricks. The roof of the church was destroyed during the period LTTE Terrorists operated in this area. Now walls are dilapidated as well. The length of the church building is 26.2m and the width is 10m. A wall is 60 cm thick. There is a room behind the altar. There are 8 circular-shaped columns which supported the roof in the middle of the church. The church is facing east with 3 doors at the front and 2 from the sides.


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Travel Directions to Ruins of Nagathalvu St Thomas Church

Distance from Mannar to the  Ruins of Nagathalvu St Thomas Church
Distance :  6.5 m
Travel time : 10 min
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