Ancient Ellagala Naka Amuna across Kirindi Oya (ඇල්ලේගල නකා අමුණ)

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The modern topographical maps of this area depict four large reservoirs in the environs of Tissamaharama They are to-day called the Yodakandiya Wewa, Tissa Wewa, Sitharawila Wewa and Yoda Wewa. It is hardly necessary to premise that these reservoirs, all of which have been restored in recent years, are of very ancient origin.

To the west of the Tissa Wewa, there is a smaller reservoir called Debara Wewa. Out of all these reservoirs, Brohier states that Debara Wewa must be the most ancient reservoir in the vicinity of this ancient capital, possibly something which had been built in the two centuries which elapsed between the settlement of Prince Rohona and the arrival of Mahanaga and as per the tradition, water for this reservoir was brought from the ancient Naka Amuna, an artificial dam built across Kirindi Oya.

Today this place consists of several undressed stone slabs of an earthen dam. According to Somadeva, Naka Amuna or Nakamuna is an ancient irrigation dam built across the main stream Kirindi Oya for the purpose of controlling floods. He believes that the water diverted from Naka Amuna was made to flow in to a reservoir called Henagahapu Wewa situated about 1.5 km east of the river. For that purpose an artificial canal had been dug out. However, except for the remnants of the earthen wall of this construction, no other parts were visible on the ground.


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Traveling Directions of Ancient Ellagala Naka Amuna

From Tissamaharama to Ellagala Naka Amuna

Distance : 13 km
Travel time : 30 mins
Time to spent : ½ hour
Driving Directions : See Google Maps here


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