Colombugama Napath Ella Falls – නාපත් ඇල්ල

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Colombugama Napath Ella Falls
Colombugama Napath Ella Falls
Height :12  meters
District :Ratnapura

Napath Ella waterfall is 12m in height and initially is split in two before the segments meet in a 24m – wide crevasse, which is said to resemble a locally-used kitchen utensil known as ‘koraha’. The crackle of Cicadas in the surrounding woodland can spook some visitors and the site is attributed with several tales from folklore.

One story claims that a golden eel, gold bed and gold vessel are swirling in the waters. Another tells of a divine light which came to the fall during Halloween. However, when a startled woman exclaimed out loud ‘there is a light here!’, it disappeared and apparently has not returned since.

The fall is situated in the village of Kolambagama Pahalakande, Ratnapura District, Nivithigala Electorate. The closest town is Nivithigala. In the village, take the right turn at the front of Kolambagama Mahanama School. At the junction, turn left and continue for 1km to find the fall.

A mini hydro power plant above this waterfall now almost dries up the waterfall during dry season and the fall is best seen during heavy rains when there is excess of water for the mini hydro plant.

The marker on the Google Maps below points to an approximate area of the fall in Colombugama. See directions above.

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Map of Colombugama Napath Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Colombugama Napath Ella Falls

Route from Ratnapura to Napath Ella Falls (upto Colombugama Bus Stand)

Through : Nivitigala road
Distance : 17 km
Travel time : 45 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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