Orukemgala Viharaya Ruins at Udamattala – උඩමත්තල ඔරුකෙම්ගල විහාරය නටබුණ්

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Orukemgala Temple lies in Udamattala, close to the Mattala Airport. Temple lies at a rocky outcrop with two canoe shaped rock pools (kema) which has given its name Orukemgala. It is said that there is a mugger crocodile on of these rock pools.

An ancient stupa, covered with weed resembling a mound of earth can be seen at the temple.

photo and information by the curtsey of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

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Travel Directions to Udamattala Orukemgala Viharaya Ruins

Route from Hambatota to Udamattala Orukemgala Viharaya Ruins

Through : Mattala
Distance : 27 km
Travel time :30 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

Map of Udamattala Orukemgala Viharaya Ruins

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