Patna Estate Sliding Rock – පැට්නා ලිස්සන ගල (බුරුස් ගල)

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Patna Sliding Rock, locally know as the Patna Burus Gala is one of the newer destinations discovered local travelers. The location is situated inside Patna Division in Enesalwatta estate belonging to Maturata Plantations in Deniyaya.

At this location the river flows over a number of wide rocks with gentle slopes and at end of the each rock lies a shallow pool. Due to the gentle water flow over the smooth rock surface, number of natural water slides are created on the rock.

Since recently this location has turned in to a popular destination due publicity on social media and now visited by hundreds during holidays. Unfortunately  the tranquility and the natural beauty of this location is destroyed today due to overcrowing and scattered piles of garbage left by them.

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Map of  Patna Estate Sliding Rock

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Travel Directions to Patna Estate Sliding Rock

Route from Deniyaya to Patna Estate Sliding Rock

Route from Colombo to Patna Estate Sliding Rock

Though :
Distance :15 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Southern Expressway – Welipenna Exchange – Pelawatta – Neluwa – Deniyaya
Distance : 178 km
Travel time : 5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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