Ancient Peraru Amuna Hidden off the Jungles of Mulathivu

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මුලතිවුහි සැඟවුණු පුරාණ පෙරාරු අමුණ - Ancient Peraru Amuna in Mulathivu
මුලතිවුහි සැඟවුණු පුරාණ පෙරාරු අමුණ – Ancient Peraru Amuna in Mulathivu
ජයාරුපය : පෞරාණික ස්ථාන හා ස්මාරක – මුලතිව් දිස්ත්‍රික්කය – පුරාවිද්‍යා දෙපාර්තමේන්තුව

The stream known as Peraru (Per Aru) originates in the eastern part of Vavuniya District and joins the sea at Nandikadal Lagoon in Mullativu. A remains of an ancient Amuna (anicut) can be seen across Peraru Oya in Grama Niladhari domain of Muthyankattuwa (Muthian Katti Kulam) in Oddusudan area.

In ancient times, low embankments built across rivers and other streams were called an “Amuna“. These embankments diverted the water of the river to other canals and was used to fill fields or other tanks.

From the shape of the pin holes made in the stone slabs used to make this Amuna, it is clear that this has been built during the Anuradhapura era. One river bank of the two of the embankment has been systematically prepared using gravel and stone blocks, and the second bank has been prepared using natural rock and embankments has been placed only in the necessary places.

The stones of the embankment across this stream have recently crumbled. It is very clear that the ancients have chosen the most suitable place for the creation of the embankment as this is the place where the Peraru Oya narrows due the natural rocks in its path.

reachable From Oddusudan, you can go towards the Muthyankattukulam lake and walk along the southern canal for about three and a half kilometers to reach this embankment. A yellow archeological board has been installed showing the final footpath towards Peraru Oya. Its direction is indicated and it is mentioned as an archaeological site. But as of today I don’t know if this board is still available.


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  • GIS Based Dashboard for Archaeological Sites – District Summary

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Map of Ancient Peraru Amuna

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Traveling Directions to Ancient Peraru Amuna

From Vavuniya to Ancient Peraru Amuna

Via : Omanthe – Pulyankulam – Oddusudan – Muthyankattukulam Lake Route
Total distance : 62 km
Duration : 1.30 minutes
Time taken: About 30-45 minutes
Driving Directions : View on Google Maps


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