Rambukkana Rajamaha Viharaya – Bandaragama – බන්ඩාරගම රඹුක්කන රජමහා විහාරය

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Rambukkana rajamaha Viharaya is a small temple on the Horana – Panadura road close to Bandaragama. The temple remained insignificant until late last century when a large slab inscription was unearthed during renovation in 1997.  The inscription was badly damaged, but in in 1998 Dr Raj Somadeva read some portions of the inscription.


The inscription mentions  of a “Sanyuktha Bhanaka Maha Chiththa” bhikku and another “Sanyuktha Bhanaka” bhikku residing on a anther temple.

These were the learned Bhikkus of the day who memorized Dhamma before it was documents during the time of king Walagambahu. There were different groups (guru kulas) of such monks who memorized parts of Sutra Pitaka, ie. Dhiga Nikaya, Majjhima Nikaya, Sanyuktha Nikaya, Anguttara Nikaya and Khuddaka Nikaya. The two Bhanakas mentioned here seemed to have memorized Sanyuktha Nikaya. (Sanyuktha Bhanaka) One was named ‘Maha Chiththa’  and lived in a temple called ‘Maha Vihara’.

About the 1st century BC slab inscription Bandaragama Rambukkana Rajamaha Viharaya
About the 1st century BC slab inscription Bandaragama Rambukkana Rajamaha Viharaya
Photo Credits : Ajith P. Perera

This slab inscription has been placed in the period of 1st century BC – to 1 century AD making it probably the oldest slab inscription found in Western Province.

T0 reach the temple travel 9 km from Panadura towards Horana. The temple lies 600 meters before the Bandaragama Junction or 2 km before the Southern Expressway Genanigama Interchange.

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Map of Bandaragama Rambukkana Rajamaha Viharaya

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Travel Directions to Bandaragama Rambukkana Rajamaha Viharaya

Route from Colombo  to Bandaragama Rambukkana Rajamaha Viharaya

Time to Spend : 30 minutes
Distance :17 km
Travel time : 1 hour
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