Ranamune Ambalama and Granite Water Spout – දුටුගැමුනු කුමරු නෑ රණමුණේ අම්බලම සහ ගල් පිහිල්ල

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Ranamune is a ancient village in Kothmale closely associated with prince Dutugemunu. After sending female jewellery to his father he ran away from his home and hid himself in a farming village known as Kotagapitiya where he lived for 12 years disguised as a helper until his fathers death.

According to “Kothmale Purawruththa” by P. B Kehelgamuwe published in 1935, there are 3 water sprouts (pihili) associated with prince Gemunu in the area. One is “Nagaha Peella” so called because it lied underneath a Na tree. The rate of the water flow never changes in this pihilla throughout the year irrespective of the weather. It has been repaired by the government and had been a popular bathing place for the villagers although the Na Tree had fallen and disappeared when the book was written (in 1935).  A close-by a rock slab which is called “Salugala” (Salu-Gala) is believed to the slab which prince Gemunu  kept his cloths (Salu-Pili) when he came to bath.

The fields which the prince Gemunu harvested lies south to the Kotagapitiya is called “Rajathala Wela” (Raja-Thala Wela). South of the Rajathalawa fileds lies the second water spring and the spout  . This is situated close to a Mango Tree thus is known as “Ambagaha Peella”.

The third is the Ranamure Pihilla. It is situated close to Monaragala and Badalena where the the prince spent most of his time.  According to the tradition there is an Amuna ( a measure of area) of gold buried near the spout. Thus the spout is being called Ranamune (from Ran-Amuna).  The water spout at Ranamune is built of granite and a ambalama has also been built at the site. The ambalama too is built with large granite blocks though there is no mention of this ambalama in the above publication.

The water spout and the Ambalama at Ranamure has been declared as a protected monument under the antiquities act in 2008.

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Map of Ranamune Pihilla and Ambalama

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Travel Directions to Ranamune Pihilla and Ambalama

Route from Gampola to Ranamune Pihilla and Ambalama
distance : 23  km
Travel time :  45 mins
Time to Spent : 30-45  mins (depending on whether you want to take a bath at the pihilla)
Driving directions : see on google map

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